How Many Numbers Are On The Pragmatic Mega Wheel?

The Pragmatic Megawheel is an innovative game that offers players a chance to win big by placing bets on numbers. While the game isn’t as elaborate as some of the other virtual games out there, it does have its own unique features. Players are given one free spin at the beginning of each round and can increase their odds of winning additional spins by collecting hidden gems throughout the layout. Each number on the wheel has its own multiplier value, which determines how much your winnings will be if you bet on it.

The Basics of a Pragmatic Megawheel Game

If you’re a fan of the wheel game, then you’ll likely enjoy the Pragmatic Mega Wheel game. It’s a wheel game that uses a variety of numbers and a range of different payouts to give players a chance at a lot more than just the wheel prize. Players can choose the numbers they want to bet on, and each one has its own multiplier value that determines what your winnings will be if you bet on it. Once you become familiar on how the game works, for sure there will be a greater chance for you to win bigger prizes.

The Numbers in a Pragmatic Megawheel

Every number on the Pragmatic Mega Wheel has a point value attached to it that dictates how much your winnings will be if you bet on that number. The higher the number, the more expensive it is to select that number. Here’s a breakdown of the numbers and their point values. 1 = 1000, 2 = 2000, 5 = 5000, 8 = 8000, 10 = 10000, 15 = 15000, 20 = 20000, 30 = 30000, and 40 = 40000. It is recommended that you select only one or two numbers at the most and that you mix the high numbers with the lower numbers. If you select only high numbers, you greatly reduce your odds of winning any money. If you select only low numbers, you may be able to win a small amount of money, but you won’t be able to win the jackpot.

While this may seem like just another version of a lottery or different variations of slots, there is more strategy involved than meets the eye — especially if you know your odds and take advantage of what that means for your game.